A Fateful Day

It was two years since Orange Swirl and Scooter were first introduced to the school and they were, as expected, top of the class. Scooter had been studying directly with Discord, learning that she had the most draconocuus blood in her out of all the dracons. She was surprised when her blood test results came in. “75 percent? That’s an academy record!”

Orange was highly advanced in transfiguration magic, or turning one thing into another thing. She was the first foal in her class to successfully turn a match into a needle without blowing something up.

They had also made tons of new friends. The 1/3 triplet known as Ladybug was the best filly to look to when you needed something protected. She could make standard force fields, but her limitations didn’t stop there. She could set up elaborate traps with poison darts and huge boulders (The darts only put you to sleep for a few minuets and the boulder was usually made out of styrofoam, but it was surprisingly effective). The other 1/3, Bumblebee, was extremely strong in invisibility and camouflage. He could play the biggest pranks on any unsuspecting bystander this way, and matched his sister’s specialty very well. Robin, however was extremely shy. If you did not know her, then you would think that she wasn’t part of the triplets. She mostly hung around Fluttershy, helping her care for the abundance of animals in the garden, including some additions Discord had made, like the jackolope, platypus, and even some parasprites (the parasprites were under a spell so they wouldn’t go out of control eating everything again). Actually, the parasprites did help do something useful.

Perry was quite interested in the parasprites and was constantly in the garden, studying them. He could tell any pony how many times a parasprite’s heart could beat in one minute. “73 times per minute.” He could tell you what each color of parasprite stood for. “Orange stands for leader, brown for worker, blue for medic…” (he would then go into a long description of which color stood for each type, which I know no one wants to hear). He knew everything there was to know about them, even learned their language, which consisted of a series of notes that was similar to humming. One day, he was in the garden, helping to feed the many creatures, when he spotted something brown underneath a leaf. He gasped. It was a leader parasprite with a broken wing! Without a leader, the poor creatures couldn’t do anything but wander around aimlessly. The leader was the core to a parasprite hive. Perry couldn’t stand to see this poor creature like this. He went to find Fluttershy, but she was nowhere! He asked Discord where she was. “She went to lunch  with her friends. She’ll probably be back in an hour.”

Oh no. Perry thought. An hour to a pony is like a year to a parasprite. They won’t make it without a leader for an hour. He sighed. Because magic was not allowed outside of classes, he couldn’t use his chaos to mend its wing. No, he would have to do this the old-fashioned way.

He knew that there were some blue parasprites in the colony, but he would have to get them to go to the leader. He couldn’t risk picking it up, for fear it might hurt its wing even more. He would need to speak the parasprite language. He knew how to understand the hums and purrs that came from them, but he had never been able to imitate them. The colony was in the west side of the garden, and the leader was in the far east of the garden. He had to fly there, despite his flimsy wings. He got a running start, then started to flap his wings 73 times per minute. He flew faster, faster, the wind blowing in his blue and orange mane. When he finally  got to the colony, he couldn’t fly any longer. His insect-like wings were to fragile to risk flying back. He needed the parasprites to go back to the west, so he tried humming a sequence of notes that were supposed to mean “Help needed west”. What he didn’t expect was for the parasprites to act so quickly, It was his first time actually talking parasprite language, after all. But they understood him, and headed off to the west to help their leader. Just then, a flash of light appeared on his flank, and where once was just grey skin was now a cutie mark! It had three parasprites, one pink, one blue, one brown. This was the first time any dracon got a cutie mark! When the news spread school wide, every pony was trying to get theirs, too. So began a new adventure for a new group of foals.



  1. couponer · March 14, 2015

    Hey, I know a Perry! Loving your stories. Keep up the fantastic work!!

    Liked by 1 person

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