Me Fangirling About Discord and a Few Other Things

OH MY GOSH! HAVE YOU SEEN THE MY LITTLE PONY SEASON FOUR FINALE! IT WAS AMAZING! The fight scene with Teirek vs Twilight Sparkle was animation worthy of Disney! The fact that Discord was in it only made it 20% cooler! As you probably know, Discord is my favorite character, villain, alicorn princess, and Hogwarts student. He is voice acted by John de Lancy, who also played Q in Star Trek, which is cool because Q and Discord have extremely similar character arcs. Also, his role in that episode was FANTASTIC! It wasn’t a Discord-centered episode, but it really felt like one. I don’t spoil endings, so I won’t say his major role in the episode. Also, there was Fluttershy and Discord interaction! As Fluttershy would say (Says in a high, quiet voice) “yay!”. I absolutely ADORE it when they interact. It really shows because my favorite episode is “Keep Calm and Flutter On”, in which Discord is sent by princess Celestia to the mane six so he could be reformed by Fluttershy so he could use his chaos for good instead of evil. Also, my favorite fanfic is “Bride of Discord” by Disneyfanatic 2364, which is basically “Beuty and the Beast”, except Fluttershy doesn’t have Stockholm syndrome. If you are reading this, DF, YOU ARE THE BEST WRITER IN ALL OF THE UNIVERSES I HAVE EVER TRAVELED TO! Though, there is a universe out there in the void where you don’t even exist, where everyone is a dog, where fanfics have never been invented, etc. What is very unique about Discord is that he isn’t even fully reformed. Nightmare moon turned straight back into princess Luna after the elements hit her, but when Discord was reformed by Fluttershy, he was still some of his old, chaotic self. In “Three is a Crowd”, he is constantly causing mischief for Twilight and Cadence. He even sings a song with the purpose of just overwhelming them with everything he needs to “get over the blue flu”, where he says he needs a glass of water, codfish oil from a crystal cruet, pumpkin soup, scarves made out of silk, a new trapeze, basil, a wig, a goat on skis, and I can’t even remember the rest. But, where’s the fun in making sense? He is the spirit of chaos and disharmony. Don’t expect anything expected.


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