Slice of Life

   So, who here has watched the 100th episode? I did, and I have to say that besides “Make New Friends but Keep Discord” and “Three’s a Crowd”, this is my favorite episode! I mean, Doctor Hooves gets to talk in it! And he has a british accent!!! It’s so amazing! And then there’s the Lyra and Bon-bon thing. They can say they’re “best friends” all they want, but it’s really obvious they have the hots for each other :). Speaking of that, Octavia and Vinyl Scratch seem to live together! The writers are listening to us!!!!!!!!!! And there is the return of THE MIGHTY TWILIGHT PRINCESS STAFF. Oh, and that one dragon guy from the pilot episode. You’re probably wondering why I’m not fangerling about Derpy yet. Well, here it goes: OH MY GOSH IT’S DERPY AND SHE’S TALKING!!!!!!!! SHE GOT TO TALK A LITTLE IN “The Last Roundup” BUT NOW SHE’S TALKING WITH MORE THAN A FEW LINES AND IT IS GLORIOUS!!!! AND SHE GETS TO TALK TO THE DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SHE’S A MAILMARE!!!!!! THE WRITING STAFF REALLY ARE LISTENING TO US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing that would make this episode better is if Discord made an appearance! But I’d gladly trade that for some Lyrabon fluff ❤ . So, some bronies don’t like this episode for whatever reason. Those bronies are obviously either not analysts or TommyOliver style analysts. But I think this episode is a great, big love letter to the fans. Kind of like “Double Rainboom” except to the fans and not terrible. So, what are your thoughts? Please tell me. I’m feeling unloved. Also, check out my fanfiction pages right here:


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