Why My Little Pony is my favorite show

I am a HUGE brony. I am constantly on FanFiction.net, I love drawing fan art, and I watch the show constantly. Some people wonder why a person like me would like something like that. And I have an answer. We are in a golden age of cartoons with things like “Adventure Time”, “Gravity Falls”, “Legends of Kora”, and many others. What society did not expect was for something targeted at little girls to be worked really hard on, to have compelling characters (My favorite is Discord), to have amazing animation, and to have interesting story lines. The shows I previously mentioned are all not directly targeted at kids. Both adults and juveniles can still watch it and enjoy it because the show’s creators are targeting their sights at adults and children. All of the shows are well worked on, having workers spend time and detail to get a finished product. My little Pony is targeted at a younger audience, but the workers are putting as much effort as they would a show more for grown-ups. This was surprising because with shows like “Littlest Pet Shop”, which has bad quality animation, bad writing, and bad characterization, the MLP staff have put a lot of effort into this show. It gives bronies a reason to like a little kid’s show, which they haven’t gotten to watch since they were kids. But I, personally am a fan because the first episode I watched was “Return of Harmony”, which is when Discord first showed up, and I really loved “Star Trek” at the time, so I really saw Q when watching Discord. Imagine my surprise when I found out that the voice actor who does Discord is John de Lancy, the same actor who does Q! But, that’s just the opinion of some nerd blogging on her laptop. Leave something in the comments about what you think!


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