The Story of how Scooter Came to Be

It all started a thousand years ago. Discord was still ruling Equestria in his chaotic ways. Because this was a time before Celestia and Luna, there was not much any pony could do. But a brave group of unicorns, pegasi, and earth ponies alike came before Discord and tried to defeat him using all the strength they could muster. Discord merely laughed and summoned an iron cage around them. The group tried to escape, but there was an anti – teleportation spell protecting it. The ponies then started calling Discord such terrible things. “Freak!” “Misshapen!” “Monster!” Discord stopped laughing. He hated being called such things. “Well, if I’m a monster, then I have been a little too nice with you, then haven’t I? Well, if I’m a monster, then how about this?!” Lightning crashed behind him amongst the cotton candy clouds. “I, Discord, the lord of chaos, curse you! So that all of your children and your children’s children and so forth will become a ‘monster’ like me!” He cast the spell, but just then, a flash of light came down from the sky. There, flew two alicorns, one with a white coat and a rainbow – colored mane, the other a dark blue coat and a mane that looked like a starry night sky. They used the elements of harmony to turn Discord to stone. The alicorns, who were named Celestia and Luna, were made the princesses of Equestria, but they did not know about the curse. The elements of harmony overlapped the curse, hopefully forever.

One thousand years later, a class of foals from ponyville took a school field trip to the Canterlot gardens, and three fillies unknowingly set Discord free, letting him respread his chaos. No one but Discord knew that this act would resume the curse, so that all of the descendants of the cursed ponies would be born draconoqui. What no one knew was that all of that time had almost undone the curse. Almost. For far away, out of Equestria, a pony hospital inhabited two new fillies, but something was worn with them.

“Um, Mister and Misses Swirl?” warily said one of the doctors.

“Yes?” asked Mrs. Swirl, “Is something wrong with our new filly?”

“Err… Well the same thing seemed to have happened next door, so we think it might be a disease…”

“WHAT? Is our new daughter sick? What’s wrong with her?” asked Mr. Swirl

“I actually think it would be better if you see for yourself,” he replied.

The doctor led the Swirl family into another room where all of the newborn foals were. Beside two cribs was an abundance of nurses and doctors, and even a few security ponies. Inside the one that held the swirls’ child was a filly with an orange and pink  mane and a yellow coat. but what really surprised the couple were her wings. It was not uncommon on its own, except one of her wings was a black bat wing. She also had two horns. both of which were definitely not unicorn horns. In the crib beside her was a similar filly, but she was a unicorn with a white coat and a blue mane, and her bat wing was red. The couple gasped. “What in Equestria happened to make our daughter so… odd?!” asked Mrs. Swirl.

“The doctors are still working on figuring that out. It’s bad enough that the other one’s mother died during the child-birth.”

“What can we do?” asked Mr. Swirl “How will Licorice take it when we tell him his sister is this…this THING?”

“Sir! Sir!” A voice called out from behind. It was one of the nurses. “We think we have a lead on why this is happening!” The nurse stopped to catch his breath, and he handed the doctor some papers. “It appears that there is a creature by the name of Discord who is terrorizing Ponyville! His description is very similar to what these two fillies have.”

The Swirl’s daughter woke up from her rest and saw her parents. She smiled to reveal a snake tooth among the rest of her teeth. “We have to figure this out.”

Just then a shadowy figure in the corner spoke he wore a long, black overcoat and spoke in a british accent. “I think I have a hypothesis.”

“And just who are you?” demanded the doctor.

The strange stallion ignored this and carried on. “A thousand years ago, Discord cursed a group of ponies that all of their children would be draconoqui, but the elements of harmony overlapped the curse, until now.” The ponies stared at the stallion. He continued, “My guess would be that these two fillies are the descendants of those ponies, but they are definitely not full draconoqui,” he said as he pulled a strange stick – like thing out of his trench coat that he used to scan the two foals with a strange green light along with an otherworldly sound. He then looked at the stick thing and smiled with surprise. “Just as I had predicted,” He turned to the Swirls. “I believe your daughter has aproximently 74.3% draconocuus DNA.” he turned to the other filly. “Now, where are her parents?”

The nurse hung his head. “She’s an orphan now. Father died in this very hospital of cancer, and her mother died during child-birth.”

“Oh,” said the mysterious man with a touch of sadness in his voice. “Well, we should probably check and see if they posses any chaos powers.” This was answered when a bottle of orange juice appeared in front of the newborn Swirl. Back in ponyville, Discord suddenly sensed a magical imbalance somewhere far away. He exuded this as just a side effect of all the chaos he had been making and shrugged it off. The mysterious stallion back in the hospital then said, “Well that answers that question.” He then turned to the other filly, who had awoken and was looking curiously into the stallion’s blue eyes. “Now, what are we going to do with you?” She shrugged as if she understood what he was saying, which she did. The blue-haired filly used her magic to make a bottle of chocolate milk appear.

“So, what do we do with two part-draconoqui?” asked another doctor who had been supervising the foals.

“Well, first you need to name your new daughter, I mean, it surprises me that you haven’t already done that,” he said to the Swirls.

“Are you saying that we should actually raise this abomination?!” exclaimed Mr. Swirl.

“No, I’m saying you need to name her. She’s your child, and you get to decide what you want to do with her. As for the other, I guess I should take responsibility for her,” he said.

The Swirls gave their first daughter the name Orange Swirl, and said “We have decided that we do not want something like her around our growing family. We will adopt a filly from the orphanage and that will be Licorice’s sister.” They said this very firmly to signify that they had made up their minds. They then went out of the room to pay the hospital bill at the front desk.

“Well, I guess I can take care of two chaotic fillies,” said the stallion. He then went out the back door of the hospital carrying the two fillies to an out-of-place looking blue box, which disappeared with an equally out of this world sound.

The trio was met on board the box (Which was strangely bigger on the inside) by a pegasus mare with eyes that pointed two different directions. “You know, we could be taking a huge risk bringing two chaotic foals on board,” she said.

“Or a huge advantage,” he replied to his companion. He set the fillies down in a large, wooden crib with stars hanging from the top and they slowly drifted to sleep.

Part two:

It was five years since the fillies had been born and they were the best of friends. They loved exploring the long corridors of the TARDIS, always discovering new rooms and new technology. Scooter, as she had named herself liked going to the swimming pool library. She could stay there hours on end, reading and swimming at the same time, though she had to put a waterproofing spell on the books so they wouldn’t get wet. Orange Swirl enjoyed making candy in the kitchen with Derpy. Orange would always drop a few of her candies into Derpy’s muffins. Right now, there was a birthday cake baking in the oven, celebrating their fifth birthdays. Doctor went into the kitchen where Derpy was preparing the icing for the cake. She looked at him with concern. “Why do you look so worried? This is a happy occasion!”

“Yes, but they’re turning fiveCorrect me if I’m wrong, but I believe that is around the age a foal starts school. Of course, that’s how it was back in the other universe that I was in.”

Derpy stopped stirring the icing. “Can’t you teach them?”

“I’m not really a good teacher. They’d be learning about quantum physics by the second year if I had my way.”

“Oh, well, I can’t teach them. I was just a mail mare back in Ponyville.”

They stood in silence for a while. “Didn’t Scooter teach herself how to read?”

“That was her chaotic powers deciphering what was on the page. It wasn’t really teaching herself.”

Derpy didn’t know what to say to that. “Oh, Doctor, how will they ever be able to go on a mission if someone can’t teach them how to use their powers? Neither of us are unicorns, and even if we can get some pony to teach them unicorn magic, they won’t be able to teach them how to use their chaos!”

“Exactly,” he said. “But right about now, Discord is reformed and has even married a pegasus in Ponyville. I believe he will be able to teach them how to use their magic.”

The timer on the oven beeped and Derpy called to the girls to get ready to eat.

Derpy, Doctor, Orange Swirl, and Scooter all gathered around the table to eat cake. They didn’t usually throw parties in the TARDIS. When they did, it was usually very simple. A bit of cake, maybe a few presents. But Doctor and Derpy had news for the girls this year. When they were sitting at the table, eating the vanilla cake Derpy had made, making polite conversation. Just then, Doctor said (Or rather tried to say) casually, “You know, we’re going to Ponyville for a little while. You two are going to get a tuition with Discord so you can learn how to use your chaos.”

“WHAT?!” Both Orange Swirl and Scooter said in perfect unison. “But, Doctor, we’ve never been outside the TARDIS before! Let alone interact with any pony besides you and Derpy!” Exclaimed Orange. “And conjured up duplicates,” added Scooter.

“I know it may be a little shocking that you will be tutored by the lord of chaos, but trust us, it’ll be fun!” said Derpy

“But what if other ponies laugh at us for the way we look?”

“What if we’re attacked by the anti-chaos mobs? I’ve read about them, and they seem really scary!”

“What if we screw everything up and end up turning an apple into a balloon or something?”

“Now, girls,” Derpy interjected. “We all know that Discord is definitely the best option if we want you to be taught about chaos. You can use your magic to disguise yourself to hide the fact that you are dracons. And I know you won’t mess up. You two have worked so hard on your magic. I just know you’ll be at the top of the class in no time.”

They both sighed. “We’re just worried, that’s all,” then their ears perked up “Wait, what did you mean by ‘top of the class’? There isn’t going to be an entire class, just us.”

Doctor smiled at them. “Ever since Discord has come back, there have been more and more dracon sightings. You aren’t the only descendants to the cursed ponies, after all. But, I find it interesting that you seem to be the very first dracons. You will most definitely be the oldest in the school.”

The fillies thought about this. They could use their magic to have telepathic conversations with each other, which was what they were doing now. They contemplated what they had just heard. Finally, they came to consensus. “Okay.”

The next morning, everyone went to the main control room. Doctor and Derpy were starting up the TARDIS while Orange and Scooter waited patiently, Orange brushing off her multi-colored scarf Doctor had given to her as a birthday present, while Scooter straightened her fez that had also been a present. Doctor then pulled the squiggly switch, and they were off, rocking back and forth slowly as the TARDIS traveled through the space and time vortex. Shortly after, they heard the telltale whirring sound that the TARDIS had landed. Every pony got out to meet a large garden full of trees and animals. “This is the right place” Doctor said, pointing ahead “Welcome to the castle of chaos.”

In front of them stood a grand stone castle with cotton candy clouds floating high above and a checker pattern with varying colors as a front lawn. The fillies stared up in awe at the building that would be their school for the next… however long these things took. “So, where is Discord anyway?” inquired Orange.

She was answered by a flash of light as the master of chaos himself appeared in front of them. “Did I hear someone call?”

Both of the fillies gasped. Scooter knew of his greatness because she had read all about him. Orange knew him because Scooter would not stop talking about him. So, at that moment, all they could possibly say was “Wow. I never thought I would meet you in person.”

“Hm, yes, I’m sure you’ve heard of me, being the master of chaos. Ooh! Speaking of chaos, I see you’ve brought your little box! I’ve always wondered how that works without magic. I thought I was the only one skilled enough to make something bigger on the inside, but you seem to have figured it out. How did you do it?”

“Well, you can show the image of an entire city on a television screen in a living room, but you can’t fit an entire city into a living room.”

“That makes no sense, but then again, where’s the fun in making sense?” he turned his attention to Orange and Scooter. “Now, I’m sure you’re wondering who your classmates will be. well, they are having a recess time right now, so I can introduce you both to the school.” He looked back at Doctor and Derpy. “I believe Ms. Derpy here has a house back in Ponyville you can stay in.” He gestured for the fillies to follow him to a seemingly empty space. “This I am quite prideful of. You need to imagine that the school is there, and it will appear.”

They concentrated on the empty space and imagined a building was there, and suddenly one appeared! It looked like a regular brick building with windows that looked a little mismatched, with each one being a different shape. It had a sign above the door that read “Discord’s School for Talented Ponies”. He led them through the large front doors were they saw line upon line of doors. They too were all mismatched, them all being different colors and different shapes. In between the many doors were posters that had quotes on them, posters advertising school clubs, and an assortment of other posters. He led them to a green and blue door with a metal outline. Once he opened it, a flurry of shouting, energetic foals met them. Discord conjured a whistle and blew it to quiet the crowd. “Every dracon, these are the new students, Orange Swirl and Scooter. They are a little bit older than all of you, I know, but they will be treated in the same respect as anyone else.” He then bent down and whispered so only they could hear, “Good luck trying to survive.” And with a flourish and a flash of light, he was gone.

Immediately all of the students lined up to tell the fillies their names.

“I’m Checker Dot,” said a black, red, and white colt.

“I’m Tulip,” said a yellow, white and pink unicorn filly.

“We’re Ladybug and Bumblebee! We’re 2/3 of the terrific trio!” said both a yellow and black pegasus and a red and black pegasus. “The other 1/3 is over there,” they said, pointing to a turquoise and blue earth pony. “Her name is Robin.”

“I’m Perry,” said a grey colt with insect-like wings and a green and orange mane.

The two fillies introduced themselves to all 32 students. What they did not know was that this would be the start of an amazing adventure.


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